Business IT Solutions

Business IT Solutions Adelaide

We can provide full IT Solutions for Adelaide Businesses – we specialise in Microsoft software for Small Businesses.

We provide Design, Planning and Installation for your full server and network infrastructure. From configuring network drives and printers to deploying a Microsoft Exchange e-mail environment our certified technicians are ready to help.

New PC & Server Packages

Adelaide IT Specialists can supply and configure HP Servers & Printers along with high quality PCs to help you acheive high reliability from your investment. Whether you need to upgrade 2 computers or 20 we can provide the solution to meet your needs.

If you are contemplating whether it is worthwhile for you to have a server, contact us and we will provide you with further information. The main benefits of having a single server are that storing, sharing and backing up information becomes easier. If you have 5 or more PCs in your business, a server is highly recommended.

Work from home

We can help increase your office productivity by providing complete work from home solutions. Why come in to the office when you can access your e-mails and files from home.